Dental Hygiene

Getting your teeth cleaned should be relaxing!

We want your mind to be at ease through the whole experience, not just after it’s done. Our licensed dental hygienists have a tremendous amount of clinical experience and they know how to make you feel comfortable and cared-for while you are in our office.

Why should I get my teeth cleaned regularly?

Regular cleanings and exams bring you peace of mind. The benefits of proper dental hygiene cannot be understated. Clean teeth accumulate less plaque, which allows for healthier gums. Healthy gums decrease the risk of periodontal disease, which has been linked to many systemic problems.

Regular check-ups also allow for early detection of cavities, periodontal disease, tooth erosion, tooth wear and even oral cancer.

I don’t like feeling judged when I get my teeth cleaned.

We hear you.

Patients often say they are embarrassed to come in for a cleaning because it has been a long time. We don’t want you to ever be embarrassed to come see us. We will never judge you. We just want to help.

Call to schedule an appointment and let us put your mind at ease.

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