Crown Treatment

What is a dental crown?

Chances are you have heard someone talking about needing a crown. Maybe you’ve even had one yourself or a dentist has recommended one to you.

Crown treatment is very common in dentistry because it is a safe, simple and effective way of restoring the form, function, strength, and aesthetics of a tooth. A dental crown is a restoration that is cemented permanently over a tooth that has had extensive loss of natural tooth structure.

I have a crown appointment soon. What can I expect?

Crown treatment consists of two appointments. The first appointment is to prepare the tooth for a crown, take an impression for the dental lab and place a temporary crown on the tooth. The second appointment is to remove the temporary crown and cement the final crown.

The dentist recommended I get a crown. Can I just get a filling instead?

Loss of natural tooth structure can happen for many different reasons. Sometimes it happens because of dental caries (the disease that causes cavities), while other times it happens due to fracture, acid erosion or grinding. When this loss of tooth structure is minimal, a filling is a good long-term solution to restore form and protect the tooth. We usually recommend a crown when the loss of structure is larger – like when a large chunk of a tooth breaks off while chewing. If a tooth that needs a crown gets a large filling instead, the tooth will likely break again in the future, sometimes requiring a root canal or even extraction.

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