Dental Implants

Okay, I’ve decided to go forward with a dental implant. What can I expect during the appointments?

You’ve had your treatment planning appointments and we have gathered all the information we need in preparation for the placement of your dental implant(s). Usually dental implant treatment takes 3-4 appointments over a number of months from start to finish. 

The implant placement appointment

This is when we surgically place the implant into the jaw bone. We will first go through the informed consent process and answer all of your questions. If you want nitrous oxide during the procedure we will start that next. Nitrous oxide is an anxiolytic medication, which means it helps to calm your nerves and allows your mind to wander a little bit during the procedure. 

After the area is nice and numb the placement of the implant goes quickly, Usually taking about 20-30 minutes. You will most likely leave this appointment with a “healing cap” on top of the implant, which allows the gum to heal naturally around the implant. The implant will take around 4 months to heal, during which time we will want you to be careful while chewing in the area of the implant.

The torque test and final impression

The implant has undergone a process called “osseointegration” during the last 4 months. This means the surrounding bone has healed and fused to the implant surface. During this appointment we remove the healing cap and test the implant to make sure it healed normally. We then place an impressioning post into the implant and take an x-ray to ensure proper seating. Finally, we take an impression of the implant and put the healing cap back on. 

You’re almost there!

The placement of the crown

You’ve waited patiently the last 4+ months and now you are finally going to get your implant-supported crown. The first step is to remove the healing cap and try in the crown. If necessary, we then adjust the crown and tighten it into place. 

Congratulations, you have a new tooth! 

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